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BEC Calsil Warehouse Building Complete

Construction of the brand new 3-story warehouse building (left) adjacent to the BEC calcium silicate manufacturing building (right) is now complete. Each floor is 35,520 square feet (3,300 square meters) for a total of 106,560 square feet (9,900 square meters) of floor space. Each floor has 20 foot (6 meters) ceiling heights which provides over 2.1 million cubic feet of storage capacity. The brand new warehouse building dedicated for finished goods storage is estimated to hold up to 150 total 40′ HC shipping containers.

This significant investment will have the effect of reducing overall supply chain lead times for calsil industrial insulation by allowing orders to be shipped from finished goods inventory instead of waiting for each order to be manufactured as was the case with the extremely small BEC Shanghai factory which was permanently closed in Feb. 2021.