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TPS-XTREME™ High Temperature Calcium Silicate Board Now Available

Due to extremely long lead times from the major domestic supplier of high temperature calcium silicate board, TPS is now offering a competitive alternative to ease supply chain concerns. The product is a 1100°C (2012°F) maximum service temperature (1050°C continuous) calcium silicate board featuring a xonotlite (6CaO ∙ SiO2 ∙ H2O) crystal structure which is extremely heat resistant and provides high compressive strength.

TPS-XTREME™ contains ZERO asbestos, mercury, sulphur, chlorine or other toxic substances. It provides greater than 6.0 MPa (870 psi) compressive strength with a density of 550Kg/m3 (34.3 PCF). This type of calcium silicate board is often fabricated into OEM parts for high load bearing insulation applications such as inserts for industrial pipe supports and refractory backup insulation inside of furnaces.

The boards are manufactured in 1200 mm x 1200 mm (4′ x 4′) dimensions with thicknesses ranging from 20-60 mm (0.79 to 2.36 inches). Please contact for more information.